How To Get Yourself Out Of Boredom

Boredom is a state of unhappiness which results from lack of activity or loss of interest in an activity. It is possible to feel bored at any point in life, and it could happen to anyone. However, when you frequently feel bored, it may become an unpleasant experience for you.

The good news is, getting yourself out of boredom is possible. But first, you need to understand what causes boredom for you.

How to get yourself out of boredom

Major Causes Of Boredom

Two major reasons you may experience boredom are:

  • You have nothing to do with your time
  • You don’t find your activity or task not interesting

These two major reasons can be traced to your condition or state in life. You could be an unemployed graduate, a student on holiday, a retiree, or even an employed person who hates his job. You also could be happily employed in a profession you love but still find yourself frequently bored on weekends or certain occasions.

Identifying the reason is the first essential step, for without knowing the reason, you can make no progress. Once you identify the reason, you can now help to get yourself out of boredom.

How to get yourself out of boredom when you have nothing to do

1. Find something that interests you.

Yes. This works absolutely! There has to be something that catches your attention and excites you. There has to be something that you love to do.

Something that makes you smile, happy or feel relaxed.

Identify what it is. It could be reading a book, playing games, listening to music or dancing.

2. Try new things.

When activities begin to look monotonous, it’s a sign that you need to take a break from them and try new things.

If you love movies and you’re already getting bored with them, you can try watch or engage yourself in some sporting activities.

3. Be creative

Use your mind creatively. Pick a pen and start writing some of your thoughts, poems or anything that comes to your mind. You can also make a drawing, a painting or mold an object.

Additionally, you can get creative with activities you seem to have lost interest in. You can try them in better or more interesting ways.

4. Take a stroll

Most people who complain of boredom sit indoors a lot of times. Why don’t you take a walk around your neighborhood? It gives you the opportunity to make new observations and learn more about your environment.

5. Make new friends.

Take some time to get involve in social gatherings. You don’t have to attend all parties or nightclubs, but do not stop yourself from meeting new people.

It will help you learn a lot of things from new friends and also engage in more interesting activities with them. You can also make new friends on social networks.


The tips explained above can help you greatly if you apply them. You would eventually get yourself out of persistent boredom if the cause is having no activity to engage in.

How to get yourself out of boredom from work

You could find yourself in a job that isn’t your dream career, and it could also be your dream career but you just feel bored because the activities are becoming monotonous.

Whichever one it is, the following tips can help you make your job more interesting.

1. Identify the relevance of that job.

This can help you change your perspective about your current job. When you identify it’s relevance to the society and the value you are adding, it might just help you change your mind.

Every one loves to feel relevant, and when you job makes you add value to the society, it means you are relevant.

2. Start looking for a new job.

This is for you if you do not like the job you have but you have to stay there for the money. While you are at it, start looking for the job of your dreams or start saving enough (if the job pays well) for you to quit the job and start your business.

Once you settle in your mind that you only have to do that boring job until you get a better one, it will help you stay focused and less bored.

3. Challenge yourself

If you have a job or business of your dreams and you are feeling bored with it, it might be time to set a new goal or target.

Challenge yourself with a goal. Set a target that would get you to work in a different way and try new things. Make sure your goals are achievable, even though challenging.

4. Take a break.

Persistent feeling of boredom at work could just be a sign that you need a break. Take a week or two weeks off work. Go on a vacation, visit new places and partake in recreation activities.

This will help you open your mind to new and fresh ideas.

5. Split your task into smaller tasks.

Working on something enormous at once could get you bored. Break your work into smaller tasks and take them one after the other.

6. Find ways to make your job look interesting.

You can get creative and do that boring job in an interesting way. This could mean improving your skills. It can also mean asking your colleagues or superiors how they enjoy what to do, and what ways to do the tasks to make them less boring.


There you have it! How to get out of boredom by yourself. Ensure you practice these tips and you would surely make your life more interesting.

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