Why You Should Drink More Water Daily

Why You Should Drink More Water Daily

Water is one element in life that no one can do without. Even the animals and plants do need water to remain alive. The body of a normal human adult consists of sixty percent water, our blood made of ninety percent water. To keep the body system working properly, one needs to take enough water. Listed below are the benefits of water to the body.

Why You Should Take More Water (Benefits Of water to the body)

1. It Forms the saliva

Water is the major component of saliva. Saliva plays a very important role in the digestion of food substances. It helps in the disintegration of food particles. It also plays the role of ensuring our mouth is clean.

2. It provides lubrication to the joints.

Taking enough water will keep the joints, tissues and spinal cord lubricated. It will help to prevent pain in the joints by increasing the shock-absorbing ability of the joints.

3. Regulation of body temperature

Having enough water in the body helps to keep the body temperature normal especially during involvement in strenuous physical activities. The body gives out it’s water through sweat when we exercise ourselves and sometimes when we are under the sun or in a hot atmosphere. Water is needed to be taken into the body to replace the quantity that has been lost through sweat.

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4. It aids digestion

Drinking water helps to break down the food particles taken into the body. Digestion becomes difficult for the body when it is dehydrated. Drinking enough water can also help you to avoid constipation.

5. It helps in taking out waste products from the body

There are lots of ways through which waste items from the food we eat are flushed out of the body and water is necessary to make each process work. The body excretes wastes through defecation, urination and sweating. Enough water taken into the body system also helps the kidney work better and helps in prevention of kidney stones.

6. It helps in weight loss

Taking enough water alongside taking the right diet and exercising will go a long way in helping overweight people reduce their weights. Instead of taking more sugary substances like juices and soft drinks, taking more water will help you balance your weight.

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7. It helps to distribute oxygen and nutrients throughout the body

Water is an important part of the transport system in the body. Minerals and vitamins are dissolved and are transported to the various parts of the body where they are needed. Oxygen is also carried through the blood which contains a large percentage of water.

8. It boosts energy

Water is essential for athletes and sportsmen. It helps to replace the water in the body lost through perspiration.

9. It helps to keep the skin healthy

Enough water in the body keeps the skin hydrated and reduces the skin vulnerability to disorders and wrinkling

10. It helps to prevent dehydration

Dehydration can be dangerous to the body system. When dehydration is serious, it can cause failure in kidney, seizures, swelling.

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If you sweat so much or live in places with high temperature, or even if you work in hot places, you would need to increase the quantity of water you take to prevent dehydration. When you urinate and find the urine dark or coloured, it shows that the body is dehydrated and needs more water. You should also respond to your body’s thirst for water always. When the body is well hydrated, it keeps you alert, helps your memory, helps your mood and your focus in your day activities. It can also help in preventing hangovers (this is however not to encourage you to consume too much of alcohol). Take more water.

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