Which Is The Best Mattress In Nigeria?

Having a good rest after the day’s job is very important. We must rest well to keep the body fit and strong for the next day. The kind of mattress you use can affect how well you rest. Many people are aware of this and are in search of the best mattress in Nigeria. We have a lot of brands but how many of them are good enough?

In this article, we will be showing you the best mattresses we have in Nigeria. You will also learn how to choose a good mattress. But first, let’s find out how mattresses affect your sleep.

How Mattresses Affect Your Sleep

The quality of your sleep affects your performance during the day.

Have you ever woken up with a neck, shoulder, or backache, which you didn’t have before setting off the lights? If you ever experienced this, it was most likely caused by how you slept.

Benefits of sleeping on a good mattress

The following are the benefits of having a good mattress:

· A good mattress serves to regulate your body temperature at night

Your body cools down to regulate your temperature as you lie in the bed to sleep. Mattresses with natural materials (such as cotton and wool) maintain your body’s temperature.

However, a material like Polyester will absorb heat and release it back. This often results in sweating through the night.

· It keeps your body frame in the right position

Having a properly structured mattress is required to keep your body in the right frame. How your body is aligned and placed on our mattresses also affects your posture during the day.

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· It improves Your Body’s Performance

You are more driven to conquer your day after a decent and good night’s rest which to a good extent will rely on “a good bed”. Factors such as your memory, cogitative functions, and homeostasis are incident on your sleeping habits. This in turn is closely hinged to the quality of your mattress.

Effects of sleeping in a bad mattress.

On the other hand, having a bad mattress is capable of doing more harm than good. It’s simply the opposite of all the aforementioned points. A bad mattress can cause the following:

  • Pains
  • Bad body temperature regulation
  • Drowsiness
  • Reduced cognitive function

What Is The Best Mattress In Nigeria: An Overview Of The Best Mattresses In Nigeria

To know the best mattress in Nigeria, we have to consider the key industry players. Mattresses as mentioned earlier have a high demand in the country. Many brands have emerged over the years as giants in this industry. A proper overview of each brand will help us know the best mattress in Nigeria. Some of these brands are:

1. Mouka Foam Mattress

On the basis of their popularity, many will call them “The Best Mattress In Nigeria”. Mouka Foam is a product of Mouka Ltd. They came into the scene in 1959 and specialize in furniture and bed making.

Their brand values are – passion, integrity, innovation, performance, and excellence.

They have received both local and international recognition as a formidable authority in Mattress production.

2.  Vitafoam Mattress

Incorporated in 1962, Vitafoam is the product of a partnership between British Vita and Unilever.
Vitafoam was the first foam manufacturing company in Nigeria to be awarded the NIS 9002 certificate.

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They also hold a large portion of the foam market in the country. Many people consider their product to be the best mattress in Nigeria.

3. Polly Foam Mattress

Polly Foam was incorporated on the 19th Of April 1978. You can find its head office in Onitsha, Nigeria.

Polly Foam is the brand name used by the Group Enterprises. They offer foam products of different grades taking into consideration the economic level and bodily needs of their customers.

You can also find their distribution outlets in Enugu, Imo, Benue, Abia, FCT, and Port Harcourt.

4. Unifoam Mattress

Unifoam was registered as a brand in the year 1981 but it started commercial operations in 1982. The Unifoam brand started off with a single plant in Ilorin. Over the decades, it has grown to include plants in more states in the country.

Unifoam offers a wide variety of foam products which include spring mattresses, cushions, sofa cum beds, amongst others.

5. Winco Foam Mattress

Winco Foam Industries LTD stands as one of the largest foam producers in the country. They were incorporated on the 18th of March, 1983.

Winco Foam also offers a wide variety of products that take into consideration the Furniture, Upholstery, Healthcare, and Residential Industry.

How To Choose A Good Mattress

Choosing the right mattress goes beyond considering the design and the visual appeal. The different brands produces different kinds of mattress. Thus, you have to be sure of which of their products you want. Here are key factors to consider in your search for the best mattress in Nigeria.

  • Your Height

Opting for a mattress that has a length greater than your body span is integral. Also, if you are going to share the bed with someone else, consider the space you will both take up on the mattress.

  • Your Weight
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If you are lightweight (less than 150 pounds) opt for a mattress with fairly moderate firmness. The need for firmness increases with your weight.

  • Your sleeping position

Back sleepers should opt for a moderately firm mattress. Side sleepers are to opt for a softer option. On the other hand, stomach sleepers will need mattresses in the range of medium to firm.

  • Your budget

After considering other factors, it is essential to get one that fits what you can afford. Investing in a quality mattress can be a bit costly but opting for a low-quality alternative is not the best option.

You can search for different stores and choose one that offers affordable prices. Some stores give discounts on purchases when you buy other furniture items.

While considering your budget, don’t be so thrift as to harm your body. If you will need to save for the right mattress, then please do.

Final Thoughts on Best Mattresses in Nigeria

You should not downplay the importance of  good sleep. Since the right mattress is integral to receiving proper rest, it is essential to invest in one.

We cannot give the medal for the best mattress in Nigeria to a single brand. Each brand has its individual uniqueness and holds dominance in a particular area. Therefore, we celebrate all brands mentioned and thank them for their contribution. They have not only help us sleep soundly but to also increase our effectiveness in our daily activities. This has helped to further grow the economy of our country.

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