The Best Toothpaste In Nigeria 2020

Washing your mouth and tooth is something that we do every day and it is one of the major practices to keep the teeth and the body healthy. It is therefore expected that you would like to know the best toothpaste in Nigeria. Though we have so many good brands, this article will help you choose the best toothpaste for you.

However, in selecting a good toothpaste, you need to first know how to choose a good one.

How to choose a good toothpaste

Choosing a good toothpaste is not difficult, all you need to do is to consider the following.

1. Endorsement by the Nigerian Dental Association (NDA)

This is the first thing you should do is check when considering any toothpaste. After confirming if it is endorsed by the Nigerian dental association, then you can proceed to check the other qualities.

2. It should contain Fluoride

This is the most important ingredient in any toothpaste. Fluoride should be at least 1,000 parts/million in a good toothpaste. Fluoride helps to keep the teeth and the mouth healthy, it also helps to remove plaques from the teeth.

3. Your peculiar needs

Your needs are peculiar to you. Considering your needs will help you to choose the toothpaste for you. You may want toothpaste for whitening, or for stronger teeth or for better breath.

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Now that you know how to choose a good toothpaste, let’s consider the top 10 kinds of toothpaste in Nigeria and help you choose.

10 Best toothpaste in Nigeria

In no particular order, the most popular toothpaste in Nigeria are listed below. Read and choose which one will work best for you.

(Which toothpaste is the best In Nigeria?) The best toothpaste in Nigeria and how to choose a good toothpaste

1. Macleans Toothpaste

This is the oldest brand of toothpaste in Nigeria. It is so old that most Nigerian homes have adopted “Macleans” as the general name for all toothpaste in Nigeria. Macleans come in different packages such as Macleans herbal, Macleans milk teeth, etc.

2. Closeup Toothpaste

This is arguably the most popular toothpaste in Nigeria. It comes in different forms like the Closeup Deep action and the Closeup Herbal. The deep action comes in the form of a gel with red color. It contains fluoride and other ingredients like glycerin, zinc, sodium, etc. It makes the teeth smell fresh and keeps the freshness for up to twelve hours. The Herbal Closeup contains thyme and aloe vera, it helps to prevent irritation on the gum. Closeup is manufactured by Unilever Nigeria Plc.

3. Oral B Toothpaste

Oral B is one of the top brands of toothpaste in Nigeria. Produced by P & G, it is the choice for many Nigerian homes as it contains fluoride and ingredients that give the teeth and mouth a good breath and helps to maintain good oral health.

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4. Colgate Toothpaste

It comes in different forms; Colgate Flouride, Colgate herbal, Colgate MaxFresh, Colgate Baby toothpaste etc. It helps to fight plaques and keeps the mouth fresh for long. The Colgate Flouride contains calcium and makes the teeth strong.

5. MyMy Toothpaste

These are manufactured by Daraju Industries Nigeria Limited. MyMY tubes of toothpaste come in forms like MyMy Blue Gel Icy Cool, MyMy herbal gel, MyMy Red gel, etc. It is quite popular and affordable.

6. Sensodyne Toothpaste

Sensodyne toothpaste is a product of Glaxosmithkline, the same company that produces Macleans. It is good for people with sensitive teeth and is usually well recommended by dentists in Nigeria. It can help to protect and repair teeth and is a good choice for people who love taking sweets, ice cream, cold drinks, cakes, and other sugary products.

7. Pepsodent Toothpaste

Pepsodent toothpaste is produced by Unilever and is a choice in many homes. It was launched in Nigeria in 2011. Earlier in 2019, Pepsodent partnered with the World Dental Foundation and the Nigerian Dental Association to improve oral health practices in Nigeria.

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8. Dabur Toothpaste

Dabur herbal toothpaste is one of the most popular in Nigeria. It is produced by Dabur International Ltd In India and is being distributed in Nigeria. One of the cons of Dabur toothpaste is that it does not contain fluoride.

9. Aqua Fresh Toothpaste

This is another product of Glaxosmithkline. It is not so popular but it is effective and has different forms such as Aquafresh Multi-Action, Aqua Fresh whitening, Aquafresh cavity protection, etc

10. Olive Toothpaste

Olive toothpaste is endorsed by the Nigerian Dental Association and is widely distributed in Nigeria. We are yet to confirm at the time of writing this article whether it contains fluoride or not.

Which toothpaste is the best in Nigeria?

Now that you know the top ten kinds of toothpaste in Nigeria and you’ve learned how to choose a good toothpaste, the choice is in your hands. The best toothpaste for you is the one you choose after considering what you need to consider.

We wish you success with your choice.

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