Senate Examines Issuing Of Fake Medical Reports By Hospitals

Motion sponsored by Anambra Central Senator

This past Tuesday, the Nigerian Senate looked into the issuing of fake medical reports by public hospitals in the country.

The Federal Ministry of Health has hereby been directed to set up an proper system to identify and prevent this dangerous trend from continuing in the public hospitals.

The Anambra Central Senator, Uche Ekwunife sponsored the motion.

She further complained that the medical reports “generation” has been turned into business and it poses serious dangers to the health of Nigerians and could result to wrong diagnosis and further complications in the health of people who carries such fake reports.

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The senator pointed out that the medical profession code of ethics prohibited the issuance of medical reports illegally, and that it instructs that proper tests and diagnosis should be carried out before medical certificates are issued.

She however lamented that this code of ethics were not being followed.

The Nigerian Senate however has told the NMA to strengthen it’s efforts in checking hospitals to identify and bring to book medical personnels who were involved in the illegal acts.


Role Of Medical Reports

Medical certificates are supposed to detail a person’s medical condition which includes mental state, physical state, addictions, allergies etc. They are also used to certify people as free from infectious diseases and also from drug addiction.

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When medical reports are maneuvered, the wrong decisions are taken and it greatly have impacts on lives.

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