Pimples: Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

Pimples are bumps that appear on the skin and occur mainly when the oil gland is overactive. They can appear anywhere on the skin but mostly show up on the face. We will be looking at the symptoms, causes, risk factors, prevention, and how to get rid of pimples.

Symptoms of Pimples

If you have pimples, you can tell immediately. This is because they are very common, so the symptoms are well known. The most common signs are:

  • Red bumps (Papules)
  • Whiteheads
  • Bumps containing Pus (Pustules)
  • Blackheads

What Causes Pimples?

There are many answers to this question.  People wake up to meet fresh batches of pimples on their faces and wonder why. The answer does not lie in a particular condition or thing. What causes pimples on chest is a little different from what causes pimples on face, but we will be looking at the common ones.

●        Dry Weather Conditions

Dry weather causes dryness of skin, leading to oversecretion of the sebaceous gland. The sebaceous gland is an oil gland on the skin that releases sebum(oil) from the hair to the pores and then into the skin. This oil helps to keep the skin lubricated. However, if this oil is too much, it can clog the skin’s pores, thereby causing pimples.

●        Using the wrong Skincare Products

Some skincare products may be good but may not be perfect for you. Some may not work with your skin type. This can eventually lead to pimples.

●        Stress

Stress is another factor that can cause pimples on the skin. The body requires rest from time to time. Rest gives the body energy to do work. If the body is being overworked, you might end up becoming stressed. One result of stress is that it can cause pimples on your skin.

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Risk Factors

Some of the things that can put you at risk of having pimples are

●        Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes caused by puberty, menstrual cycle, or pregnancy can lead to pimples. This is the reason most teenagers tend to have lesser pimples as they grow. Even with pregnancy, you see women who have never experienced pimples before suddenly having them all over their faces.

●        Genetics

This has to do with family history. If your mother or anyone in your family has pimples, the possibility that you’ll also have it is high.

How to Prevent Pimples

No one likes to see pimples on their face. We all try to prevent this from happening if it is in our power. Preventing pimples may be challenging, but it is possible. Many people know how to cure it but do not know how to avoid it. Primarily, you have to pay attention to your overall skin health. But there are also specific steps you can take. Check out the following prevention techniques:

●        Keep Your Face Clean

Pimples are often the result of sweat, dirt, and germs that have clogged your pores. You can prevent this by washing your face regularly. Regularly washing your face helps to keep your pores clean. You can also keep your face clean by not touching your face.

●        Know Your Skin Type

People’s skin is different in many ways and especially in types. Knowing your skin type helps you pick out skincare products more intentionally. If you do not know your skin type, you might be using the wrong products on your skin. Check here to read more on types of skin

●        Moisturize Your Skin

Moisture is essential for the body. Just like you give food to your stomach and exercise your muscles, you also need to moisturize your skin. You can do this with anybody cream, lotion, body oil, body butter, or skincare product that suits your skin type. Check out our guides on creams for dark skin and creams for fair skin.

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●        Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is bad for your overall health, including your skin. It can cause inflammation on your skin and make it red and dry. Dehydration can also signal your body to produce more oil than necessarily needed. Take note that more oil means more pimples. To stay hydrated, take at least eight glasses of water a day. This is important, especially if you do workouts and if the weather is scorching.

●        Limit Makeup

It is no news that makeup is one thing that clogs the pores. With all the layers of Foundation, Concealers, and Highlights that ladies apply on their face, the pores rarely have any breathing space. While makeup enhances beauty, avoid using it every day. Even on days when you apply makeup, you must remove them carefully. The same way makeup is painstakingly applied is the same way it should be thoroughly removed.

●        Protect Your Skin from the Sun

There is a myth that the sun is good for the skin because it dries out pimples. If this is true, then why do good skincare products have Sun Protection in them? Well, the Sun does dry out pimples, but it can dry and cause sunburn on your skin.

While sunburn does not lead to pimples, dryness of skin does. This is why you should protect your skin from the sun. You should also use sunscreen if you must go out in the sun.

●        Avoid Pimples Popping

If you have pimples on your face, don’t be tempted to pop them. It can be very tempting to pop every whitehead you see when you look in the mirror but don’t give in to that temptation. It will dry out eventually. So, leave it alone. Apart from bringing about scars and marks, popping pimples can clog your pores.

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●        Reduce Stress

You can reduce stress by carrying out activities that can help with managing stress. Some of which are, Yoga, massages, meditation, Aromatherapy, and journaling.

How to Cure Pimples

As with every other skin disease, there are home remedies and lotions that can cure pimples.

●        Lotions

There are so many creams out there that claim to be suitable for pimples treatment and. However, to really get rid of pimples,  you need moisturizing lotions. These are lotions that add moisture to your skin. Using lotions that contain sun protection is an added advantage.

There are also a couple of ingredients you should look out for in any skincare product you want to buy if your skin is pimples prone. Benzoyl peroxide, for example, dries out spots, and Salicylic acid prevents clogging of pores. These ingredients are essential to anyone looking for how to remove pimples fast. Subscribe to our blog to receive our next post on creams to use for pimples

●        Home Remedies

There are very common home remedies that people use when they have pimples.  These home remedies include treating pimples with essential oils, using aloe vera to moisturize the skin, and using turmeric to dry out pimples.

There are so several other home remedies recommended for curing pimples. There is the Apple Cider Vinegar treatment, the honey mask, tomato puree mask, lime scrub, sugar scrub, e.t.c. Many people have testified about these home remedies but that does not mean that they would work for everyone.


You can prevent and cure pimples. Simply keep your skin clean, use the right products to moisturize your skin as well as manage your overall health properly. Nonetheless, you might have a few pimples that have nothing to do with you and everything to do with your hormones. Do not beat yourself up when you do. Pimples are normal, especially if it is not excessive.


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