Malt and Milk: Does the Mixture give blood?

Over the years, people from different tribes in Nigeria have lived with superstitious beliefs to support the food combinations they consume. One belief or supposed myth is the mixture of Malt and Milk with the notion that it will increase the blood in our bodies.

However, we know the benefits of these two independent of the other and the ingredients used in making them. But when mixed, does it add blood to the body? If not, what does the mixture of Malt and Milk do to the body? Well, let’s find out.

Malt and Milk
Different brands of malt and tin milk in Nigeria

Does Malt and Milk Give Blood?

It’s quite funny how a lot are misled due to lack of awareness on diet. Well, this article does not condemn the mixture but highlights the benefits also.

The answer to the question above is a big NO. The reason is that for anything to give you blood in your body it has to be rich in Iron. This mixture is not rich in iron so it cannot be compared to the blood tonic we take or the iron sulfate prescribed in hospitals.

That reason above answers the question but if you’re still not satisfied we’ll do a little analysis. But before this analysis, we will expound on how iron, blood, and the body are connected.

Iron is a major element in the production of blood. By research, it covers 70% of the body’s iron located in the red blood cell. Iron helps the red blood cell to deliver oxygen from the lungs to the cells all through the body.

In essence, it is very important for the body but Malt and Milk lack it. Furthermore, we are going to look at these beverages independently.

Malt (Maltina, Amstel malt, Grand malt) contains mainly carbohydrates, calories with little fats, and vitamins. The loved Milk is essentially made of main fats, carbohydrates, and protein. Some beverage companies add little iron to their production.

Yet, it has less effect in the blood not to talk of when mixed. If this mixture does not meet its presumed purpose, what then is its benefit?

What does Malt and Milk do to the body?

We’ve established that due to the insufficiency of Iron, the mixture of Malt and Milk can’t boost blood levels. However, there’s good news for lovers of this nutritious drink.

Provided you take this mixture moderately, one of the benefits of drinking malt and milk together is, it will provide energy and help in the replacement of lost energy.

One reason why people have believed this mixture forms blood is that it is a tradition in Nigeria to administer it after blood donations. However, the true story behind this is that it only stabilizes the body after donation and not the latter.

 Malt and Milk for Weight Gain

Are you looking to gain more weight or “add body”? Then this is for you. Research has it that the mixture of Malt and Milk for weight gain is scientifically true.

Although this also probes some disadvantages if you take it regularly.

In the latter part of this article, the major elements of both beverages are outlined. Adding weight is a function of carbohydrates and a bit of fat and we have these elements present in both beverages, so therefore this solves the issue of weight gain.

But if you’re so obsessed with adding weight and you take this regularly, it can be a problem for you.

Milk in question has “saturated fat” which is bad for your heart. Regular intake can lead to obesity, increase bad cholesterol, and can cause hypertension, heart disease, or heart attack. So it is advised to be very careful if peradventure you’ve added this mix to your diet.

Conclusion on Malt and Milk for Blood

Have you believed in Malt and Milk for blood? If yes, don’t feel bad because I believed too. Now, we know the answer and the benefits of Malt and Milk. Not a bad mixture though, what a taste, I love it!


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