Importance Of Fruits And Vegetables To The Body

Importance Of Fruits And Vegetables To The Body

There are so many benefits offered by fruits and vegetables to the body. It probably isn’t our first time of reading or hearing the first time but the question is why do some people still not make fruits and vegetables part of their regular diet. You see, life is not just about eating but eating the right thing that would provide the proper nourishment to your body, and part of those right things are fruits and vegetables. The beautiful thing is that fruits come in different kinds, taste, flavour and size and they are most times enjoyable.


This article seeks to show you not that fruits and vegetables are good for the body but that they are very important and needed by our bodies.

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The Importance of Fruits and vegetables:

  1. Source Of Nutrients and Vitamins
  2. Protection against diseases
  3. They contain low fat
  4. They help digestion
  5. Fruits and vegetables help keep the body healthy


1. Source Of Nutrients and Vitamins

The quantity of nutrients needed by our body which are available in fruits are so surplus. This nutrients may sometimes not be present in some of the regular food we eat but are still needed by the body, eating fruits helps us fill in the gap by nourishing the body with this wanted nutrients.

Many fruits also have low quantity of sodium and they do not possess cholesterol at all.  They are loaded with Vitamin A, C, E, zinc, phosphorus, potassium and folic acid. Vitamin C is needed by the body for repairing of worn out tissues, healing wounds and keeping the dentition healthy always.

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2. Protection against diseases

Fruits helps to provide nutrients that helps the body immune system. This in turn helps the body to fight against a wide range of diseases. Eating enough fruits will save you from unnecessary diseases and illnesses.


3. They contain low fat and help keep your weight healthy

Fruits and vegetables naturally contain low levels of calories and fat. Eating fruits instead of too much “fat-foods” can help you keep your weight healthy and balanced.

4. They help digestion

Fruits and vegetables contains so much fibre that helps to fight against constipation and aids digestion. They aid the smooth running of the digestive system and processes.

5. They help keep the body healthy

If you want to keep your body healthy and free from diseases, do a lot of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables keeps the heart healthy, the lower the risk of developing heart diseases. Grapes, lemons, oranges and vegetables such as cabbage and mustard greens can help the heart health. Fruits and vegetables also help maintain good vision by providing vitamins.

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The benefits of fruits and vegetables are unquantifiable. To remain healthy and fit always, add taking of fruits and vegetables to your feeding time table. 

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