How To Prevent Breast Cancer In Women

How To Prevent Breast Cancer

The prevention of breast cancer starts with a healthy way of life. This includes restricted drinking of alcohol and remaining active.

If you are really bothered of the possibility of having breast cancer, then you must have been making research on how to prevent it. There are some possible causes which one can do nothing about, a factor such as history of family can not be changed but there are things and habits one can begin to reduce the risk.

How to prevent breast cancer in women

How To Prevent Breast Cancer In Women

It should be noted that prevention is really not possible but what you can do is reduce the risk, but when you reduce your risk of getting it, you are also preventing it. You should do the following:

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1. Stop Smoking

Many proofs have linked cancer to smoking, especially in younger women who haven’t reached the menopause stage. Second-hand smoke exposure can also lead to breast cancer, that is, smoke inhaled from other sources without you smoking directly.

Also, after the treatment of breast cancer, smoking can lead to some other conditions. For example, it can cause difficulties in recovering after the surgery. It can also increase the risks of blood clots during hormone therapy and can destroy the lungs adding to the effects of radiation therapy. If you smoke, stop it.

2.  Reduce Alcohol Intake

Taking more of alcohol will increase your chances of having breast cancer. If you can, stop taking alcohol totally but if you can’t, reduce the intake to the lowest you can. Even small quantities daily increases the risk.

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3.  Watch Your Weight

Too much weight increases breast cancer risks. Don’t just consume anything, watch what you eat and control how you add to your weight.

4.  Exercise

You have to be active physically. Don’t be one that sits for weeks without performing any activity that involves your physical strength. Adults should target minimum of two and half hours weekly aerobic activity.

5. Breast Feed

Your breasts being suckled helps to reduce the risk of cancer. The more your breasts is suckled, the higher the protection.

6.  Reduce Dose and hormone therapy duration

When hormone therapy is done for three years or more, it raises breast cancer risks. If you are taking this therapy, ask the doctor for other ways and options.

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7.  Avoid radiation exposure and polluted environment

Medical imaging which includes radiation should be avoided, they should only be done when they are absolutely necessary.

8.  Maintain Healthy diet

This might decrease risks of some cancer types and even other illnesses like diabetes, stroke and heart problems. Women who take foods based on plants such as vegetables, legumes, fruits, nuts etc might reduce the possibility of having breast cancer.

Remember, always maintain a healthy diet and maintain your weight, make sure it is healthy always. And be watchful, whenever you notice any thing around your breasts like skin changes, new lumps, speak to a doctor.

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