How To Prevent Baldness In Men

Hair Loss In Men(How To Prevent Baldness In Men)

A lot of men around the world are trying their bests to regrow their hair which have been lost and there have been really no trusted solution, but is there really any reason to lose your hair first when you can do some things that will help you maintain good hair health and stop hair loss? I do think it’s better to learn how to prevent baldness instead of looking for the cure. Like they say, prevention is better than cure. Hence, this article has been written to give you 10 ways to prevent baldness.

Last week we dealt on causes of baldness in men, you may need to read that first before you continue with this. If you have read that, then let’s continue with this.

10 Ways To Prevent Baldness In Men

1. Eat Healthily: Take More Protein

Having a balanced diet is surely one of the way to prevent many health issues and hair loss is not an exception. Choose food rich in protein such as soy, fish, lean meats. These foods promote healthy hair. Seeds and nuts containing vitamin E also keep the hair healthy.

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2. Always Take Enough Water.

Staying hydrated always ensures the hair follicles have enough water to stay strong. We have outlined reasons for you to take enough water here.

3. Stop Smoking

The negative health effects of smoking are numerous and one of them is that it limits the flow of blood to the scalp, which stops the blood from getting to the hair follicles.

3. Reduce Alcohol intake

Alcohol causes dehydration for the body and may cause lack of some nutrients required by the body. Your body needs to be well hydrated for proper functioning.

4. Avoid Tight Hairstyles

Hairstyles such as tight ponytails, braids and cornrows causes tension for the scalp and this does not help hair growth, choose simpler hairstyles instead.

5. Relax and relieve yourself from stress

Learn to rest well and participate in recreational activities. This will help you ease yourself from stress and in course prevent Telogen effluvium. You can also practice activities like yoga and meditation, they relieve you of stress and also helps to balance hormone levels

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6. Exercise yourself regularly

Involve yourself in exercises daily to keep your body fit and also to keep your hormones balanced. It also helps relieve you of stress and encourages efficient flow of blood and nutrient through your body.

7. Avoid chemicals that can damage your hair

Some men use hair creams and treatments to colour their hair or give their hairs desired look but end up applying harmful chemicals to the hair which can cause hair loss and discourage hair growth. You should be careful of what you use on your hair, it’s better to use hair creams which are recommended by your doctor.

8. Get Enough Vitamins For Your Body

One thing that could cause hair loss of lack of vitamins. To help yourself prevent baldness or hair loss, make sure you get adequate vitamin A, B, C, D, E. Vitamin A is useful in the regulation of retinoic acid synthesis in hair follicles. Vitamin B helps to prevent hair loss by reducing level of stress and the other vitamins helps you to keep your body healthy.

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9. Avoid Rough Combing Or Brushing

Use good combs and brushes and be careful when you brush your comb or hair when it is wet. Your hair in its wet state is usually weak and is easily lost.

10. Talk To A Doctor About Hair Loss

There are some medications which helps to prevent hair loss or slow it down. Your doctor is the right person to recommend the perfect one for your hair.

We wish you success in your journey to prevent baldness, always remember that health is wealth and stay tuned to this blog to get more health tips.

Next week, we’d be discussing hair loss in women.

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