How To Keep Your Brain Healthy, Active And Sharp (6 Proven Ways)

The brain is one of the very important organs of the body. It coordinates almost all activities carried out by humans. It’s in charge of emotions, thoughts, memories and even movement. Therefore, you have every reason to be interested in learning how to keep your brain healthy, active and sharp.

How To Keep The Brain Healthy (How to keep your brain healthy and active and how to keep your Brain healthy and sharp)

You are about to learn things that can help you keep your brain healthy and active and you should read everything carefully and make a decision to follow the steps. We wish you well as you learn.

6 ways to keep your brain healthy, active and sharp

1. Keep your heart healthy

This is the first major step. Medical research has proven the connection between the brain health and the heart health. The brain needs supply of blood from the heart and when this supply is cut off, it can lead to unhealthy brain and other conditions like ischemic stroke.

Pay good attention to keeping your heart healthy and sound as heart diseases can also have an effect on the brain. Also make sure you take a good diet for your heart. You should also read types of food that improves your heart health, and how to prevent heart diseases, so as to keep your brain healthy and sharp.

2. Sleep well

We have previously written an article on why you should sleep well, and keeping your brain healthy is an important reason to. Your mind and body is put to rest when you sleep. Also, during sleep, the brain flushes out beta-amyloids, a toxic substance that can cause different forms of dementia.

Sleeping helps you do a “brain factory reset”. So forget your worries and struggles for a while and spend good time to have quality sleep. Read this article to know how long you should spend sleeping.

3. Be physically active

Physical activity and exercises do not only keep your body physically fit, they also help the brain. You should move from time your body from time to time, don’t stay in a spot all day.. At least, walk for thirty minutes in a day and five times in a week. Keep your whole body healthy if you want to keep your heart healthy.

4. Maintain a good diet

One of the ways to keep your brain healthy and active is by eating well. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and low in saturated fats is recommended to for you.

5. Be socially active

Don’t be a boring person. This does not mean by overactive or being a talkative. But instead of spending time watching movies or surfing the internet all day in your room everyday, take some time out to mix with other people, engage with them and have fun. This will help you learn new things and also understand life better.

6. Make use of your brain

A lot of people would prefer to stay idle or do only things that are soothing or pleasing always rather than actively working their brain. If you want to keep your brain healthy, active and sharp, you would need expose yourself to new things that helps you think and reason well. Challenge your brain by performing mental exercises that can build you mentally.


Remember, the overall health of your body is also important. Learn how to keep your body healthy always and subscribe to our blog to be updated on good health practices.

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