Good and Bad Foods For Your Teeth

If you are having teeth issues, one of the things that you should check is what you take in through your mouth. There are definitely bad and good foods for your teeth. The bad foods for your teeth are the foods that can damage your teeth while the good ones are the foods that can keep your teeth healthy.

It is so important you know this so that you would be able to prevent tooth decay and possibly toothache and for you to also be able to keep your teeth healthy and strong. We will start first with the bad foods for your teeth.

Foods that can damage your teeth

We told you in our post on tooth decay that the major food substance which causes tooth decay usually includes carbohydrate. This does not mean all the foods are bad for your health or that carbohydrate foods are bad, it only means they are not too good for your teeth. Listed below are 8 bad foods for your teeth.

Good and Bad foods for your teeth (Foods that can damage your teeth)

1. Bread

Surprised? Don’t be. Bread is a common food in most of our homes today but the truth is it is one of those foods that can damage your teeth or cause tooth decay. When bread is chewed using your teeth, the starch is broken down into sugar by the saliva in your mouth. This broken down element sticks around the teeth and do not easily leave. The sugar becomes acidic and can cause cavities or tooth decay.

2. Ice

Ice or ice blocks as it is called in Nigeria is simply water in it’s frozen state. A lot of people, especially children loves to chew ice with their teeth and these can damage the enamel or cause a cracked tooth. Ice can also be in form of hard iced creams. This is worse because it also contains sugar which is not the best for the teeth.

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3. Potato Chips

Potato chips are packed with starch which become broken into sugar and become acidic. Plantain chips, especially the soft ones might not be one of the bad foods for the teeth as they are made from unripe plantain which lacks sugar. We advise you cut down on potato chips or try as much as possible to floss well and brush properly to remove the plaques.

4. Orange, lemon and other citrus fruits

Surprised again? Like we stated earlier, the foods listed here might not be bad for your overall health but they are not part of the good foods for the teeth. Oranges and other citrus fruits are loaded with Vitamin C which is good for the body but they also contain acids which are dangerous to the teeth. Even their juices also contains the acidic content. You should take them in moderation or better still, wash or rinse your mouth after taking them to ensure the acid content in your mouth is washed.

5. Soft drinks

Drinking of soft drinks daily is equal to the daily addition of acids to your teeth. Soft drinks intake strengthens the acidic content on your teeth and make them more toxic to your teeth. Soft drinks can also dry your mouth and reduce the saliva. Take soft drinks only once in a while or avoid them totally. Note also that brushing after taking soft drinks could make your tooth decay faster.

6. Energy drinks

Though energy drinks could be useful for you as an athlete or a sportsman or for a quick refreshing feeling, they contain a lot of sugar just like soft drinks and are harmful to your teeth.

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7. Alcohol

Alcohol as known already can cause dryness of your mouth. It works against the production of saliva. Lack of saliva in the mouth makes the washing down of food difficult. Alcohol can also cause irritation of your gums and can lead to gum diseases.

8. Popcorn

You wouldn’t mind popcorn and a bottle of chilled soft drink, right? Especially when you are at the cinema, watching that latest movie. Well, while that gives you a good feeling, you should note that popcorn are sticky and can stay in between your teeth after you eat them. They increase plaques and bacteria growth in your mouth.

9. Dried fruits

Dried fruits can easily stick to your teeth, which means sugar(acids) have clung to your teeth. It is better for you to take the option of fresh fruits instead, and when you take dried fruits, also rinse your mouth afterwards.


In addition, avoid taking hard food substances that stresses your teeth. They can destroy your enamel or cause a crack of your tooth.

What can you do?

Have you been taking these bad foods for your teeth? It’s better late than never! Now that you have learnt that they are bad, you should take precaution. But then, the good news is that you can also learn the good foods for your teeth and start taking them to make your teeth healthy and reverse the likely damages you may have caused yourself.

Foods that are good for your teeth.

Good foods for your teeth

The following are good foods for your teeth;

1. Gum

Yes, chewing gum can be good for your teeth, but what kind of gums? Sugarless gums. Chewing gums without sugar keeps your mouth busy and helps you to produce more saliva. Remember, that saliva is what helps you naturally to wash off acid in your mouth. Sugarless gums also contains xylitol which helps to fight bacteria.

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2. Milk

Milk and bye-products of milk are very good for your teeth. They make your tooth enamel and your tooth strong. Most dairy (milk) products especially cheese contains casein which works with calcium to repair tooth enamel.

3. Leafy vegetables

Leafy greens helps to keep your teeth healthy because they contain high fiber. Vegetables like spinach, kale has to go through chewing in your mouth and these keeps your teeth busy and increases the production of saliva.

4. Water

Water is the world’s number one cleaning agent, it also performs the cleaning function for your teeth. Taking enough water can help to wash away acids and some of the plaques. Water from god sources also contains fluoride which helps to fight against tooth decay.

5. Apples & Carrots

Even though these are sweet foods, they are not one of the bad foods for your teeth. They are high in fiber and water. They are also crunchy and eating them helps to increase saliva production in your mouth which in turn reduces your risks of cavities.

Now that you’ve learnt the good foods for your teeth, you should include them to your diet immediately and keep your teeth healthy.

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