8 Clothing Items That Can Harm Your Body

Fashion is one of the things that makes life beautiful and colorful. Without fashion, the human life could be boring and without color. As a result, a lot of people’s daily lives are about clothes and fashion and there are even several big professions in the fashion industry. However, not all trending clothes and accessories are always safe for you. There are some clothing items that can harm your body. We have compiled in this article, clothing items and accessories you should take note of.

This article contains 8 Clothing Items That Can Harm Your Body, Harmful Effects Of Skinny Jeans and tight clothes and Bad Effects Of G-Strings and thongs

Clothing Items That Can Harm Your Body

1. Skinny Jeans and other tight clothes

Skinny jeans are the in-thing. They are worn by both male and female gender, especially young folks. While putting on skinny jeans and other tight clothes could make you look trendy or classy, here are some harmful effects of skinny jeans to the body.

Harmful effects of skinny jeans

  • They make you sweat more

Skinny jeans and tight clothes are always in close contact with your skin. Therefore, sweating in the body is increased. Consequently, this in turn increases the activity of bacteria on your skin and could cause infections.

  • They can slow circulation of blood and damage nerves

When it is too skinny or tight, it compresses the skin and could become a barrier to the flow of blood through the body.

  • They reduce mobility

When they are too tight, they could reduce how fast and how comfortable you move.

  • They could affect the genitals

One of the harmful effect of skinny jeans is the risk posed to both female and male genitals. The tightness of the clothes could cause urinary tract infections, bladder weakness, twisted testicles for men. It can also cause unpleasant odor

  • They can slow your digestion

Tight clothes can compress the abdomen and lead to indigestion. They can also lead to abdominal swelling and constipation.

  • They can cause back pain

When the clothes around your hips are too tight, it may give the hips issues supporting the weight of your body. This could eventually lead to pelvic or lumbar pain.

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There are many more harmful effects of skinny jeans and tight clothes not stated here. It is advised to go for more lose clothes that gives your skin freedom.

2. Bad-fitted Bras

This is specially for ladies. A lot of young ladies make the choice of their bra based on the outward look they want. However, we will advise that you chose your bra carefully, considering your overall health first. Bad bras can cause shoulder pains or back pains, they can also cause breast pain.

3. Tight Boxers

If you are a man, you should learn to chose your boxers or briefs wisely. Putting on tight boxers and briefs could cause urinary infections and pain to your genitals. In addition, your choice of boxers and underpants could affect your fertility.

4. G-Strings Or Thongs

G-strings and thongs are usually ladies choice when they consider fitness and sexiness. Even though G-strings and thongs may not be totally bad or harmful themselves, they can increase risks of some issues for ladies.

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Bad effects of G-strings or thongs

  • Risk of Genital Infection

Research by gynecologists have shown that thongs could cause irritation to the genitals and rob the female genital of enough air space. Some small cuts can be caused and this may invite infections.

  • Intestinal Infection

G-strings can become a connection from the backside and female genital, this transfers bacteria from the back to the front and becomes an invitation for infections

  • Skin Irritation

Reports have shown that your skin could react and get irritated from the contact of thongs. It can also cause chafed skin and infections.

  • Yeast Infection

Another bad effects of G-strings is increasing the risk of yeast infection by the extra moisture produced from it’s tightness.

In addition, putting on g-strings or thongs during your periods could make you more prone to infections. Generally, you are advised to put on larger pants to reduce risks that thongs may cause.

5. Tight Belts

Too tight belts could cause pain for your waist and abdomen. They could leave marks and swellings around your waist. You should not tighten your belts uncomfortably and you should always loosen them especially after eating.

6. Body Shapers

You should be careful when selecting shape wears. The body shapers you choose could give you that perfect figure eight look but they can also cause numbness, pain and increase the risks of yeast infections.

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7. High Heels And Pointed Shoes

High heels could give you that classy look and make you appear elegant in that event. They can also make you look taller and even slimmer. However, they put the weight of your body on the balls of your feet, this causes pressure to the back, spine and knees. Putting on high heels should be done moderately. Also note that the higher the heels, the more the negative pressure.

Pointed shoes either for men or women puts your feet to a different form from the natural. They could cause pain to the toes or swelling around the toes.

8. Heavy earrings and necklaces

Using earrings can definitely make you look beautiful, it adds colour and class to you. However, you should be careful not to put on heavy ones. You may not feel the effects immediately but they could eventually cause terrible discomfort and pain for you.

Necklaces should also be chosen carefully so as not to add unnecessary weight to your neck.


In conclusion, you should keep your clothes clean always and tidy always.


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