Causes Of Depression

After learning about the types of depression. It is important we learn about the causes of depression in men and women. We learnt about regular depression and clinical depression already and we know that regular depression just occurs due to what happens to us or around us. So, in this sense, we are actually talking about the causes of clinical depression.

Types Of Depression (Major Depressive Disorder) - Causes of depression, Things that can increase the risks of depression

Depression can be complicated and it may be difficult to say what particularly is the cause but there are some factors which have been identified to cause depression.

10 Causes Of Depression

1. Genetic Factor

People who have a family history of people who get depressed tend to experience depression also. Genes which carries the traits can be transferred from parents to their children and one does not really have control over this.

2. Loss Of A Loved One

The grief from losing a loved one could increase the chances of someone getting depressed, especially when the loved one is so close to you or is of great help in your life. Some people even after mourning never seem to get over the death of a loved one and this puts them in risk of depression.

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3. Drug/Substance Abuse

The abuse of drugs and substances can increase the chances of someone having depression later in life. Also, when one is feeling depressed or having signs of depression they tend to take alcohol or drugs to relief their feeling but only end up making it worse for themselves. Alcohol and drugs only gives a temporal relief for a lasting problem.

4. Life problems

Problems in people’s life such as poverty or lack of money, inability to get married, inability to meet up with one’s mates etc could contribute the risk of getting depressed. It is advised not to let life problems weigh one down. Always keep a joyous mood and a happy approach to all life’s situations.

5. Abuse at childhood or at early age

A lot of people during their childhood may have faced emotional abuse, physical abuse or even sexual abuse. This could increase the risks of such a person having depression when they are older.

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6. Health Conditions

Some medical issues are also causes of depression. Conditions like diabetes, insomnia, cardiovascular disease could increase the chances of depression. Also, depression risk could be increased when someone has a serious injury on the head during childhood

7. Medical Drugs

Some prescribed drugs such as interferon, corticosteriods, isotretinoin can increase the chances of being depressed.

8. Structure of the brain

Even though scientists are yet to ascertain if this occurs before signs of depression show up or after, they have pointed out that the chances of having depression is increased of the brain’s frontal lobe is less active.


Things that can increase the risks of depression

Even though some things are not major causes of depression, they have been found to be risk factors.

  • Too much stress

When the body is stressed and there is lack of rest, the risk of being depressed may be increased

  • Bad diet

The lack of some minerals and vitamins in the body have been linked to cause depression. It is advisable to always do your best to stay healthy always.

  • Female Hormones

Some sex hormones in women could cause clinical depression. When hormones fluctuate during childbirth or after, it could lead to Perinatal or Postpartum depression. The chances of a woman getting depressed reduces after menopause.

  • Lack of self esteem

Some people do not see themselves as somebody and this affects the way they respond to life situations and confront challenges. When a person continually thinks of himself as lower compared to others, he is usually sad always and this could result to depression later.

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We have just covered the causes of depression and we hope to discuss on signs and symptoms of depression soon. Stay connected to our blog by subscribing for email alerts.

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