Causes Of Breast Pain In Women

Causes of Breast Pain In Women

Breast pain causes are really not hard to detect but information they say is key. Breast Pain which is also known as mastalgia is a usual occurrence among women. Most women once or more than once in their lifetime experienced pain in the breast.

Causes Of Breast Pain

Sometimes, breast pain could occur during menstrual period, this is called cyclical and other times, it is caused by several other factors which is non cyclical.

Mastalgia could be sharp, it could be mild or even in between, the degree of pain mastalgia comes with varies and is determined by some factors. It can occur to women of all ages but it is most common among women in reproductive ages. It can happen to the left or right breast or to both breasts.

There are however two major factors that influences Breast pain

  1. Fluctuation of Hormones.
  2. Lumpy Breasts
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Fluctuations of hormones occurs during menstruation, menopause, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Causes Of Breast Pain are

1. Bad Bra

When women puts on too tight bras or too loose, it affects. When it is too tight, it presses the breasts and when it is too loose, it doesn’t hold the breast well. It could lead to pain. You should choose your bras and avoid trying to impress people, put on a bra that will support the breast well and will also make you comfortable.

2. Breast Size

Women with large breasts and small bodies may feel pain if they do not properly support their breasts properly. This is because their large breasts becomes somehow heavy for their small body.

3. Previous breast surgery

After a surgery on the breast, scars from incisions can cause breast pain to persist.

4. Drugs

Some drugs which alters production of hormones can cause pain in the breasts. Other drugs like antidepressants, Methyldopa, Spironolactone, Digoxin, Haloperidol can also cause breast pain.

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5. Breast Feeding

When this is not done properly, it causes pain. It can also result to an infection.

6. Costosternal syndrome

This is when the three cartilage connecting the ribs bone and breastbone is inflamed. It affects mostly women of forty years and above.

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7. Increase in Breast Size

The breasts can become lumpy or swollen sometimes, this can be a result of Fibrocystic breast change. It is not usually dangerous in itself but can cause discomfort. Reduction in eating of salty food can reduce this.

8. Infection

Infection in the breast such as Mastitis can cause breast pain.

9. Breast Cancer

It is known that lumps develop on the breasts when a woman has breast cancer. Breast Pain is one of the symptoms of breast cancer but not all breast pains should be treated as a sign of cancer.

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10. Chest Pain

Pain in the chest or around the breasts can cause pain to the breasts.

11. Breast cysts

This is usually a lump in the breast, it is not cancerous and only causes pain sometimes. They may occur around menstrual period.

A lot of times, breast pain may not need the doctor but when you notice it persists for long (more than one or two weeks), or it comes with pain in the chest or the cyst continue to increase and get thicker, it is advisable to see a doctor.


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