Best Stretch Marks Cream in Nigeria

Stretch marks are marks that create a different pattern and have a different color from that of the skin. People look for various ways to prevent and cure stretch marks. Creams are one of the most available and affordable means you can try out to cure stretch marks. There are many stretch mark creams available in Nigeria. These creams, however, cannot exactly “cure” stretch marks; they can only make the marks faint.

Best Cream for Stretch Marks in Nigeria

Many stretch marks removal creams are moisturizing. If you read our previous article on stretch marks, you’ll see that stretch marks are often caused by a lack of moisture and skin elasticity. This is the reason most stretch marks creams have a moisturizing feel. Some of the best stretch mark creams in Nigeria are

  • Oriflame

Oriflame Stretch mark cream

There is no stretch mark line in Oriflame products. However, some of its products have been tested and proven to be helpful with stretch mark removal. Among the Oriflame stretch mark cream available in Nigeria is Nature Secrets Body Cream. This cream is a moisturizing cream with Aloe Vera and Watermelon. Aloe vera is said to be a perfectly natural way to make discoloration disappear. This includes discoloration from scars left behind by injuries and even stretch marks. This is why many people turn to this cream when they want to cure the stretch marks on their bodies.

  • Cerave Intensive Stretch Mark Cream

When searching for the best Stretch mark removal creams in Nigeria, Cerave immediately comes to mind. This is one brand that is highly recommended by dermatologists. The product has a controlled discharge of ingredients, including argan oil, Ceramides, and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients not only repair the skin but also restores protective skin barriers and, overtime, make stretch marks fade. Many users of Cerave swear by the product.

  • ¬†Strivectin Advanced Intensive Concentrate

Best creams for stretch marks in Nigeria

Strivectin is a concentrated moisturizer. This means that the primary thing this cream does is moisturize the skin thoroughly. It is because of its moisturizing effects that people trust this cream to take away stretch marks and wrinkles. This cream contains Collagex-CE Complex, Ginger root extract and hyaluronic acid, and other ingredients commonly found in other skincare products. All these ingredients help to improve the elasticity of the skin, thereby preventing stretch marks. It also moisturizes the skin and makes stretch marks fade.

  • Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy CreamBest Cream for Stretch marks in Nigeria

This cream hydrates the skin and helps prevent stretch marks. It is recommended by pharmacies and dermatologists too. The primary ingredient in this cream is Dimethicone which serves as a skin protector. Other significant ingredients ate hyaluronic acid, Cepalin, and Centella Asiatica plant extract. Although this is not clinically proven, a high percentage of people who use this cream testified that the cream made their stretch marks faint.

  • ISDIN Woman Anti Stretch Mark CreamBest Stretch Mark Cream in Nigeria

As the name suggest, this cream is an antidote to stretch marks. It is a moisturizing cream that boosts skin elasticity, gives the skin intense hydration, and absorbs fast into the skin. It also strengthens collagen, thereby preventing stretch marks. The cream contains Centella Asiatica triterpenes, Vitamin E, Musk rose oil, and Hydroxyprolisilane CN. This product was used to test for stretch marks removal and it did a pretty job.

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Final Thoughts

When looking for stretch marks creams available in Nigeria, keep three things in mind. First, there are so many stretch marks creams out there. Secondly, the fact that one stretch mark cream works for thousands of women doesn’t mean it will work for you exactly the same way. Your skin is different. Finally, there is no proven cure for stretch marks yet; you just have to keep trying. Also, eat good skin foods and remain healthy

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