Best Bathing Soap For Chocolate Skin In Nigeria

Bathing at least once daily is one of the most important things we do to live a healthy life and keep our skin beautiful. The soap we use goes a long way in determining the effectiveness of our bath. This article has therefore been written to help you choose the best bathing soap for chocolate skin in Nigeria.

Best Bathing Soap For Chocolate Skin In Nigeria (Best Soap For Chocolate Skin In Nigeria)

What is chocolate skin? And how is it different from Dark Skin?

The darkness of our skin is actually determined by Melanin, the same pigment that gives the hair and eyes color. So, the darkness of your skin totally depends on how much melanin is produced in your body.

Chocolate skin is actually dark skin. The term, however, is used in Nigeria to differentiate very dark people from people who have a lighter complexion.

In other words, darkness of the skin has different levels which is determined by the amount of melanin produced. The very dark ones are hereby referred to as dark skinned while the ones that are not so dark ones are referred to as chocolate.

Since chocolate skin is also dark skin, but dark skin with less melanin, the requirements to maintain it is not too different. So, it’s not difficult to choose the best soap for chocolate skin in Nigeria.

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We have done our research and come up with a list of six best bathing soap for chocolate skin. These soaps will help you keep a shiny and smooth skin. Keep reading to make your choice.

Ten Best Bathing Soap For Chocolate Skin In Nigeria

1. SheaMositure African Black Soap

This African Black soap is made from natural ingredients gotten in Africa. It is free of chemicals like sulfates, parabens, artificial preservatives and artificial fragrances.

The main ingredients in the soaps are Palm Kernel Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Pods or leaves of plantain.

SheaMoisture black soap leaves your skin feeling clean and radiant. It can also help against eczema and body itching.

It is however not advised to be used if you have a sensitive skin. Regardless of that, SheaMoisture African soap is still one of the best soap for chocolate skin in Nigeria.

2. Caswell-Massey Goat’s Milk and Honey Soap

This soap is a perfect one for all skin types including chocolate skin. It contains virgin coconut oil, vitamin E Honey and Goat milk. It nurtures and moisturizes the skin.

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The vitamins infused in the soap helps you reveal your colors and nourishes your skin. It fights against acne, dark spots and pigmentation, sun damage, pimples and eczema.

You can go for this option if you have a sensitive skin.

3. Dudu Osun Beauty Soap

Dudu Osun, as it is popularly called, is one of the famous soaps on our list. It is composed of mainly natural ingredients and is a perfect solution for almost every skin type.

The soap nourishes and smooths your skin, clearing dark spots, stretch marks and acne scars. It moisturizes your skin without causing irritation. You can easily find it in shops and stores around you.

4. Psalmstre New Placenta Herbal Beauty Soap

Also on this list is Psalmtre Herbal Beauty Soap which comes at a very affordable price. It contains herbal ingredients like Goat Milk, Botanical Placenta Extract, Virgin Coconut Oil and Vitamin E.

Enhancing the skin cells and keeping it moisturized is one of the benefits of this soap. It further gives your skin a beautiful and radiant look, restoring youthful look to old skin.

5. Chanel Coco Bath Soap

This soap is one of the best bathing soap for chocolate skin in Nigeria. It consists of ingredients such as Clover, Tonka bean, Orange, Labdanum, Mandarin and Amber. Your body is thoroughly cleaned and left moisturized and nourished.

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It is also gentle on your skin and fights against skin acne. Using this soap gives you a radiant look everywhere you go.

6. Nubian Heritage African Black Soap

This is not a so-popular option but it doesn’t make it less good. The soap features Aloe, Oats and Vitamin E which nourishes and gives protection to your skin.

It heals blemishes and clears off old scars and discolorations on your skin. It can also help you to fight against eczema. Contained in it, however, are essential oils which may make it unfit for you if you have a sensitive skin. Regardless of this, it is a note-worthy option.


Generally, soaps for darker skins also work for chocolate skins. The ones we have chosen as the best soap for chocolate skin here are based on our research and customer reviews.

We have tried to select options which would not bleach your skin or cause more troubles. Using any of the mentioned soap keeps your skin healthy and beautiful.


Kindly drop your comments, mention which soap works best for your chocolate skin and tell us which one you think we should add to the list.



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