9 Causes Of Toothache

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A toothache is simply a discomfort or pain in the tooth. It could come as a sharp or dull pain. There are many causes of toothache which are highlighted for you in this article. Knowing what causes toothache would help you avoid it and also help your loved ones avoid having unnecessary toothaches.

9 Causes Of Toothache

What causes toothache? (9 causes of toothache)
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1. Tooth decay

This is one of the major causes of pain in the tooth. Tooth decay is majorly caused by accumulated plaques which turns into acids that can damage your teeth. Plaques are substances usually yellowish or colorless that forms on or around your teeth. Plaques are mostly formed on your teeth from intake of sugary substances that stays on the teeth or around it when you do not wash them away. Always brush twice daily and floss to remove plaques everyday. Read more about keeping your teeth healthy here.

The tooth pain caused by tooth decay depends on the extent of the decay. When the decay gets to the inner layer of the tooth, the tooth and the surrounding areas begins to hurt and the decay would eventually lead to a cavity.

Treatment of tooth decay should not be delayed as delay could lead to a greater problem. If you are experiencing persistent pain in the tooth, make sure you see a dentist. We have written an article on “tooth decay: causes, prevention and how you can treat it” , make sure you read it too.

2. Gum Diseases

Another cause of tooth pain could be gum diseases. It also shows up as a dull pain in your mouth or bleeding of the gum. Gum diseases are caused when the mouth is not kept healthy and results from the activities of harmful bacteria. You should take care of a gum disease without delay.

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3. Fractures in the tooth

There could be a crack in your tooth which could have been caused during sports, rough play, accidents or a fall. Fractures in your teeth can also be caused when you bite something too hard for your teeth. People with sensitive tooth should always be careful what they try to bite with their teeth.

A pain noticed on a fractured teeth is a sign that the fracture got deep to the middle of the tooth. A fracture of your tooth may not cause your tooth to ache immediately but it can develop over time. Always see a dentist as soon as possible when you have tooth fractures.

4. Improper brushing

Some of you get to brush your teeth with very hard brushes and you also do it with force. When extreme pressure is used to brush your teeth, it could affect your gum especially and result in toothache. It is recommended that you only use soft bristled brushes.

5. Clenching or grinding your teeth so often

You may fall into the category of people who grind their teeth when they are angry or irritated, when you do this occasionally and for long periods, it could cause pain in the tooth. It could also cause pain in your jaw or neck. Some people also grind their teeth while sleeping. When you grind your teeth, the upper set and the lower set applies pressure on each other and can lead to sore jaw bones, cracked teeth and even headaches.

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6. Tooth Abscess

Tooth abscess is a condition where the tooth develops a pocket of pus. It results from infections when bacteria finds its way to the root of your tooth. You can easily have tooth abscess when you have an untreated tooth cavity or you’ve had a previous dental work. Tooth abscess can lead to severe toothache which can spread to your jawbone, ears and even your neck. It can also cause the cheek or face to swell.

7. Sensitive tooth

Some people posses sensitive dentition. When you feel pain after eating something that is cold or hot, it is a result of your tooth sensitivity. If you experience this, you should try to protect your tooth nerves from these extreme temperatures. Try as much as possible to eat foods which are not hot or too cold. Cut down on the ice cream, iced water and hot tea. You should also choose a toothpaste which helps your sensitive teeth. You can read our article on top toothpastes in Nigeria and choose the toothpaste good for your teeth.

8. Improperly arranged teeth

It probably isn’t your fault if your teeth is not well arranged and there may be nothing you can do about it. It could have been caused when you were a baby or from gum diseases. “Unarranged” teeth is usually called misaligned teeth and may cause you to be ashamed or feel low self esteem, but you should not worry since you probably cannot do anything about it.

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Misaligned or “un-arranged” teeth can press each other during chewing and can be extremely painful. However, you can consult a dentist who will advise you on the best steps to take.

9. Insufficient Intake of water

Taking insufficient water leaves your mouth with unwashed food particles which are left behind after you eat. Water helps to wash dirty particles which can store up around the teeth. It also helps in the production of saliva which helps in flushing food particles and reducing tooth decay causing acids.


The nine factors mentioned above are the major causes of toothaches, but there could be other reasons for which you could start feeling a pain in your tooth.

Other things that causes tooth pain

  • Nerve Damage
  • Stuffed sinuses (Stuffy or blocked nose)
  • Too much of washing the mouth (It should be done in moderation as too much of rinsing can cause sensitive tooth)
  • Some heart conditions
  • Teeth Whitening (It can lead to sensitivity of the teeth)
  • Oral Cancer
  • Acidic diet

Try as much as you can to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep your mouth healthy always.
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  1. My brother is experiencing throbbing tooth pain especially when he's drinking hot or cold drinks. I find it alarming that this could be a sign of a tooth fracture that he's not aware of. I'll be sure to share this with him and suggest that he visit a dentist that can treat this for him.

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