8 Signs And Symptoms Of Breast Cancer In Women

It is important to know how your breasts look normally, so as to be able to immediately spot any difference that happens. This is the first determining factor in quick identification of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

Signs And symptoms of breast cancer in women (Including Cancerous lumps)

Breast cancer is a cancer type that forms in the breast cells. It also occurs in men but this post is strictly dealing with breast cancer in women only.

8 Signs And Symptoms Of Breast Cancer In Women

Someone with breast cancer may not quickly notice, and that is why you need to know the signs and symptoms for early detection. Highlighted below are 10 signs of breast cancer you may notice.

1. A lump In your breast, in your armpit or upper chest

This is the first sign most people notice, but a lump in the breast could be caused by other things apart from breast cancer. However, it is still one of the first sign of breast cancer. Cancerous lumps most times do not come with pain and that is one reason they are not easily detected. You might not see it for a long time, or even feel it. But you may then begin to feel it before it becomes so visible. It takes a mammogram to see it at the right time.

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Cancerous lumps are likely to have rough or irregular edges. If ever you notice a lump that stays for a long time or remains after your next period, you should see the doctor for proper diagnosis.

2. Persistent breast pain

Cancerous lumps as stated earlier do not come with pain, but one of the signs of breast cancer includes feeling of pain or tenderness of the breast, especially a persistent one. When you notice that the breast pain stays for longer than how it occurs during your period, you may need to pay attention to it.

However, breast pains could be caused by several other reasons and may not be a sign that one has breast cancer. You should read other causes of breast pain.

3. Changes in the breast

You could notice a change in the texture, temperature or size of the breast pain. You could also feel that the breast is enlarged or it feels swollen. According to Healthline, you may also notice visible veins on the breast. A change in your breast could be one of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer and you should pay quick attention to it when it stays for a long time.

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4. Nipple changes

Another sign of breast cancer is a change in the nipple. You could discover sores on your nipples or see it get dimpled. It could also look inverted or pulled inwards. You could feel pain or itching on it and you could also see a rash around it.

5. Nipple discharge

Cancer of the breast also shows up with an abnormal discharge coming from the nipple. It could look like blood or be clear or sometimes in another colour. It could also be caused by other conditions.

6. Swollen lymph nodes

Cancer in the breast cells could spread to lymph nodes under the collar bone or arm. This usually occurs even before a breast tumor is felt. It could also show up as a cancerous lump around these places.

7. Skin dimpling

The skin could become dimpled or look puckered. This is a sign of a dangerous type of cancer in the breast called inflammatory breast cancer. It is usually felt as an “orange peel” texture of the skin and should be reported to the doctor immediately.

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8. Redness of the skin

The skin may look bruised or red. It could also look like purple or blue. This could be one of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer but may not be observed.

As already explained, cancerous lumps are one of the first signs of breast cancer noticed, but you should look out for the other signs as the lump may not be quickly noticed. Make sure you see the doctor immediately you notice these signs. But why wait to treat breast cancer when you can prevent it? We have explained in a post “How to prevent cancer of the breast“, you should read it immediately. You should also learn about the types of breast cancer and how to identify them

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