10 Ways To Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Our eyes are very important. The eyes provides vision, direction and a means of identifying objects and people around you. Making sure the eyes are healthy is very essential and there are tips which one can apply daily to maintain good health of the eyes and prevent eye diseases. Below are 10 ways to keep your eyes healthy every time.

Ways to keep your eyes healthy

1. Protect your eyes from the sun

When the eyes are exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun, the risks of having cataract and some age related eye problems are increased. Putting on the right sunglasses can help protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays. For people who are already using lenses, some lenses helps to protect against the sun.

2. Eat Good food

Eating balanced diet is one thing that helps the overall health of the body including the eyes. The presence of adequate zinc, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, lutein can protect the eyes from age-related eye problems. Vegetables like collards, kale, spinach etc, fruits like oranges, tangerine provide some of these nutrients for the body.

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3. Avoid Dirty Contact With Your Eyes.

If you’re used to rubbing your eyes with your hands, try to stop the habit. Your hands could contain dirts sometimes and when they come in contact with your eyes, they cause harm to the eyes. Also avoid using dirty handkerchiefs and materials to clean the eyes. Try keep your hands clean always so that if it happens to touch the eyes (which you should avoid), it won’t add dirts.

4. Stop Smoking

If you used to smoke, stop it and if you do not smoke, do not start. Smoking increases your chances of developing cataract and age-related eyes diseases. Your optic nerves also stands the risks of being damaged if you smoke.

5. Use good lights for reading

Don’t manage lights when it comes to reading. Too bright lights is not too good as the reflection would be too much. Also when the light is too faint, it leads you to straining your eyes to see the words in the book which is not good.

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6. Take breaks from computer and phone screens.

If you use your computer and phone a lot daily, try to take frequent breaks as much as possible. A lot of people prefer to use the 20-20 strategy which involves looking away from the computer or phone after every twenty minutes for twenty seconds. You can also blink twenty times successively to ensure the eyes are moist enough.

7. Rest and sleep well

Like every other part of the body, the eyes needs rest and sleep. Take breaks to rest especially from activities that has to do with the eyes.

8. Use Protection for your eyes

What do I mean by this? Whenever you’re involved in activities that require you to put on safety eye gears, don’t neglect them. These activities could be sports like racquetball, ice hockey or swimming. During industrial or some home activities, you should also put on eyes glasses or protections to protect your eyes from dirts, dusts and other particles.

9. Take Enough Water

It is important to keep the body hydrated always. When the body contains enough water, the eyes would not get easily irritated or dry. Read this article to see more reasons to take water very well

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10. Take care of your eyes surroundings

Keep your face clean, your eyebrows clean, your eyes lids clean. Dirts from these parts could easily get into the eyes. The ladies especially should also be careful of the kind of makeups items like eyepencils, eyeliners, eyeshadows etc which they use. Carefully select materials and carefully use them not to cause a reaction or hurt the eyes.

These are ten basic tips you should pay attention in keeping the eyes healthy. There could be others things that are  hurting your eyes that you need to stop doing, you should read them and also read Foods that Can help you improve your eyesight.

Always ensure you see the doctor when you have issues with your eyes, don’t manage it or try to treat it yourself.

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