10 Signs Of Depression In Men

We’ve been on the topic “depression” for a while and we’ve discussed the types and causes of depression. I advise that you read them first before you continue with this so as to understand the root of the topic. Today’s writing deals with signs of depression in men.

Signs of depression in men

The signs of depression in men may be quite different from the signs of depression in women. This is because of the difference in nature of both genders. Men tend to act or feel stronger and be more in control of situations around them, this makes them want to suppress signs of weakness or hopelessness. They try to “man up” and hide their feelings but ladies tend to show their weaknesses more. For this reason, the signs of depression in men is quite different from depression in women.

10 Signs Of Depression In Men

1. Anger

Men who are depressed tries to bottle up the bottle up the feelings but majority of them ends up “exploding”. When a man is depressed, he becomes easily angered and reacts aggressively. They easily get irritated by things and other people’s actions and begin to see things oddly. They also tend to become hostile to people around them.

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2. Lack Of concentration and forgetfulness

When depression sets in, a man tends to lose concentration in his activities. Depression takes a grip of the mind and the man becomes more focused on the feelings of hopelessness and sadness and all other negative thoughts in his heart. This makes him unable to concentrate and also forget things easily. When you see a man losing concentration and forgetting things unusually, he could just be showing one of the signs of depression in men.

3. Alcohol and drug abuse

To relieve themselves from the feeling of sadness or hopelessness, they may resort to taking more of alcohol or illegal drugs but these can only provide a temporary feeling of relief. When you see a man, especially those who rarely drinks begin to take more alcohol and/or drugs than usual, you can tell that he is probably depressed.

4. Fatigue or tiredness

Men who are depressed tend to get tired easily without having gotten to their full strength capacity. This is because depression affects them emotionally and physically and drains off their energy.

5. Over sleeping or lack of sleep

Some may sleep too much while others may not be able to sleep for long when they are depressed and no matter how long they sleep, they usually wake with the feeling of tiredness and loss of interest in daily activities.

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6. Anxiety

Depression makes men unable to put their minds to rest, they get anxious and keep worrying about things. One of the signs of depression in men is that they easily express their anxiousness and concerns rather than their feelings of sadness.

7. Thoughts Of Suicide

Women gets to think of suicide quicker than men. Men on the other hand are stronger in nature and it could take a longer time before they begin to have thoughts of suicide. However when a man eventually attempts suicide, it is more dangerous because they go about it in more dangerous ways. A woman may be too scared to attempt suicide with a gun and would rather go for a slow poison but men has less fears than women and can chose more lethal ways. Anyhow it may happen, always remember that suicide has never been a way out.

8. Feeling of headaches and back pains

Depression could cause physical pains, back ache, cramps, head aches or even digestive problems.

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9. Bad performance in bed

One of the signs of depression in men could be lack of desire for sex or poor performance in bed. However, this is not only caused by depression, it could be caused by other conditions or could be a sign of other conditions.

10. Inability to make decisions

When a man is depressed, he could lack the ability to concentrate or keep his mind together. This would result to an inability to make decisions for family, business and in other areas of his life.

The signs of depression in men could be more than we have listed above but you should look out for this in yourself and your friends. Always remember to seek medical advice when you have symptoms of diseases and also be on the lookout for someone today. Show love and care to everyone and give an ear to anyone that needs your attention.

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